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Businesses strive for perfection via processes that are highly optimized. Innocore is an information technology provides the necessary tools that help facilitate this. We are tasked with rebranding the the company to be able to see it in a new light across multiple touch points.


The Innocore identity pays homage to the classic, FM radio tuner. The distinct red needle is easily identifiable as a tool that helps enable the perfect radio frequency. The multiple degrees of calibration allow for a finely tuned experience.

This echoes Innocore’s commitment to providing solutions that are meticulously designed, down to the very last detail. Solutions that are not only customized but perfectly calibrated as well. It is this level of optimization that help businesses run at a higher degree of efficiency.

The tuning scale acts as the secondary component of the visual identity. Its implementation in various collateral makes a powerful suggestion that every thought, every word and every action is carefully measured and precise.


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