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Moonshine Meadery is a start up that is the first in India to brew mead. The target audience of the product is youngsters from he ages of 21 to 32 as well as females of all ages. This audience was picked based on the response received about the drink itself, since it is on the sweeter end of the spectrum and the flavors are more pronounced than expected.


Keeping the flavors in mind, the theme of the identity is a mascot that defines the brand personality as young, fun, outspoken and moody. The expressions and statements of the character give out a cute, flirtatious attitude. His mood changes with the flavors of mead. 

Our mascot is also very ‘punny.’ Since the alcohol format is unfamiliar to the audience, there was an opportunity to create puns using the word “mead” that may catch on, creating a marketing trend. #meadup

The multiple moods of the character are expressed purely by his eyes. This gives consistency to the brand even when the colors are constantly changing (based on the flavor)

When used in collateral, the mascot can adapt its appearance, expression and puns. These relate to the specific context or object the branding is applied to