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Aperol Spritz required marketing collateral and merchandise for their trade stakeholders. A key feature for this was to propagate the recommended spritz cocktail recipe to bartenders and sales representatives. The collateral in my scope of work included a notebook, a recipe booklet, a hand fan, a sunglasses case, greeting cards and an AR animation concept showcasing the spritz recipe.


The acronym P.A.S.S. served as a tool used to visually represent the recipe of the signature cocktail across all collateral. A key piece of collateral was a notebook that takes the holder on a trip through Italy. As they flip through, they come across spritz-notes and pick up on Aperol trivia, the best way to enjoy the drink, its roots and cultural significance.

The notebook begins with the recipe for the perfect Aperol Spritz, moving into appreciating the historic, geographic and cultural vibe of Italy.

The story continues to speak more directly about Aperol Spritz as an “Aperitivo” as well as the history of the drink.

As the journey goes on, random pages showcase the “greatest spritz” and “spritz-stakes” that the traveller has come across on their journey.

The last page of the notebook has a count of the sad vs rad spritzes encountered, ending in the sweet life.

Other Collateral

The Spritz Notes is a booklet explaining the steps of making the perfect Aperol Spritz with common “Spritz-takes” mentioned.

A hand fan, greeting cards, sunglasses case and a spritz-kit showcasing the spritz recipe using the P.A.S.S. acronym.

An AR animation concept to display the signature summer spritz recipe upon scanning the Aperol bottle.