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A hypothetical conference about responsibility in technology products. It is a new and open environment for all people interested in this topic to discuss the most recent updates and changes about digital products and the impact of technology in our lives.


The idea is linking technology to a light in the dark, guiding people through the darkness. Our solution was to experiment with light painting, which led us to interesting results.
The 3 different colors are used for 3 versions of the logo, each using one of the light drawings.

Interactive subway ads, all screens will be animated

The landing page takes forward the concept of technology being a light in the dark

The website was built to both advertise Tech Talks and be a portal for passes purchase. Below is an overview scroll. It was built as a one long webpage with a side-navigation as a secondary resort

The signage is displayed on large rectangular structures covered with bendable OLED screens. It works both as static signage display as well as an interactive surface to view the map of the venue

The backdrop is a digital screen displaying the animated logo which would disappear to display the speakers keynote. The two vertical screens placed ahead display a live twitter feed from the audience as the speakers talk as well as during Q and As. These screens also put in writing any announcements in regard to the conference

The kiosks are designed to have catering and retail experiences in the conference. The signage is displayed on tablets only mentioning the stall numbers. The tablets are later to be donated to an educational cause