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About the company

Vensa develops infrastructure that touches daily lives, supports communities and enables growth. The company takes charge of the civil infrastructure and construction needs of its clients and caters to both public and private sectors. It prides itself as being service and relationship driven. 

With over 40 years of experience and legacy, Vensa believes in adopting and implementing best tools and technologies to deliver projects of global standards. 

Vensa thus aims to dismantle archaic methods and embrace new thinking, new technology and new practices to establish and create landmark projects. 


The primary identity takes shape with the simple line representation of the Cartesian system and a typeface with attributes of clarity, balance and modernity.

A grid, derived directly from the Cartesian system, forms the fundamental graphic element in this identity. The grid is usually used as a guide in the background. This identity brings the grid to the foreground to create many dynamic compositions, thus laying emphasis on strong fundamentals along with new thinking capacity. 

The grid interacts with images and text to generate distinct compositions.

Strong and styled abstract imagery makes the identity fresh and unconventional. The positioning and brand personality comes through in the identity using typography

The stationary carries forward the branding and brand ethos

The grid is extended into the space to propagate the brand

Sample methods of marketing for the company using the grids and brand ethos