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Embassy Verdi is rooted in nature. A beautifully landscaped community of villaments, giving you a true taste of authentic villa – style living with the ease of an apartment lifestyle

Embassy Verdi sprawls over 7.5 acres with a total of 218 villaments. Designed to fit families of all sizes, the villaments are typically duplexes or triplexes. To ensure that you experience the privacy and spaciousness that comes of a villa-style living, each villament building has only 2 homes on a single floor, with no more than 6 villaments in each building.


The identity comprises of an elegant typeface that’s simple, universal and still retains the idea of layering. The double lines thematically represent the balance of the experience inside the villaments and on the outside. The angular, unwavering lines complement the architecture and the surrounding design elements.

The logo symbol is a geometric and abstract representation of a tree. It denotes open green spaces that are curated into a landscape creating the environment for Verdi.

The graphic language is derived directly from the type style of the logo

The identity seamlessly applies itself across stationery, merchandise and promotions

The branding creates typographical patterns across various application in multiple color combinations and scalable sizes

Imbibing the layered format of the villaments (villas stacked like apartments), the brochure construct consists of three booklets of different sizes. The imagery used in the brochure displays the green and lush environment of the property. The illustrations further explain the property format